Screaming Gophers
Gender Female
Seasons 1
Episodes 2
Eliminated The Cliffhanger - Part 2
Placement 22nd
Enemies Eva, Heather
Roleplayer Woodenfan

Izzy labelled The Psychotic Beast was a camper on Camp TV as a member of the Screaming Gophers.


She is fun but hard to handle. Izzy has extraordinary athletic and fighting abilities, and also sticks herself to the wild environment. She is also number eight on the RCMP's "Most Wanted" list, presumably for accidentally blowing up a kitchen, but it is unclear whether she was telling the truth. She has also been shown to enjoy plotting bizarre solutions to various situations. Despite her strange ways of showing it, Izzy does care about others and means well even if her results don't reflect it.

Camp TV

Out of the 22 campers, Izzy is the last to arrive to Camp Wawanakwa in The Cliffhanger - Part 1. She immediately falls through the dock, causing concern among her competitors. After this, she begins telling questionable stories about the RCMP, weirding the other players out. She is placed on the Screaming Gophers and starts eating bark from the trees for an unknown reason.

Izzy continues to annoy the people around her in The Cliffhanger - Part 2 by continuing her attempts to eat inanimate objects around her. Along with Eva, she jumps for the challenge before she was supposed too, disqualifying her, making her gain even more ire from her team. Once her team loses, she goes to multiple different cabins before actually ending up in her own, annoying her male team members. She gets berated by Heather and the other females in her cabin, making her worry a bit. At the Campfire Ceremony, she is voted out near unanimously, causing her to throw a smoke bomb and run away. However, it's revealed she drives herself off in the Boat of Losers.


Audition tape




  • She is the first person to be voted off of Camp TV and the first person voted off of the series in general.
  • Izzy is the only contestant to go with all of the votes, as she voted off herself. 



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