Elimination is the process in the Camp TV series where a contestant is removed from the competition, often occurring after they are voted for by the other members of their team or merged contestants.

Eliminations usually occur during a Campfire Ceremony. Chris will hand out a symbol of safety to the contestants who are safe, and whoever doesn't receive one is eliminated. Sometimes, no awards are handed out to anyone at all. Generally, elimination ceremonies happen after nightfall.

According to Chris, once a contestant walks the Dock of Shame in Camp TV,they can never come back, "ever". However, it is unknown whether this statement actually holds any water.

Camp TV

Camp TV eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Izzy Female Screaming Gophers 22nd The Cliffhanger - Part 2 She was useless in the challenge and was generally considered a nuisance by her teammates.