• Pierzina

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    January 15, 2018 by Pierzina

    I am making this blog because I feel like it's important to recognize the special occasion that is today, it is Martin Luther King Jr. He was a peaceful and strong willed man, in every sense of the term. During America's darkest moments, he was a voice of reason and helped shape a better atmosphere for every American, no matter what ethnicity they are. Though I'm white and did not get affected by the tragedies that people of color used to face, he is important to me for making America closer to what it should be, a place for everyone of every ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and so forth. 

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  • Pierzina

    Hurt and Heal 1

    January 13, 2018 by Pierzina
    1. Only 1 post per person per day: To avoid spamming and confusion
    2. A character can only heal up to 20 points. To avoid character getting too powerful. Anyone with 20 points that has another heal count will be ignored. After their five hurts, they start back at 10. If too much characters get to 20, the ones that are not out will restart at 10.
    3. Once you post your comment you can not edit it. For example: A user originally writes Heal Lindsay Hurt DJ and they change it to Heal Lindsay Hurt Beth. YOU CAN NOT DO THAT!
    4. Every 25 comments somebody can choose who to take and add 5 to! But every 100 comments somebody can who to take 10 to and from.
    5. You can only comment your hurts and heals every 24 hours.
    6. Every time the final 2 happens you can ONLY choose to EIT…
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  • Pierzina

    Newsletter I

    January 9, 2018 by Pierzina

    The first roleplaying weekend of Camp TV is here, and as we're at a new wikia, there are some things we need to discuss. This is the first of many newsletters that will come, where I'll basically explain everything that is going to happen or needs to happen concerning the roleplay or the wikia.

    First things first, character pages. Me and The Flaming Sword of Fury have worked hard to perfect the pages before the official content will happen, unfortunately we have all seen it happen before, people just don't want to take the time and edit articles. Therefore, I have constructed a system I feel would work best.

    This system is called the boost-up system, what is this you may ask? Well, basically the more edits you make on articles, the more priv…

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  • Pierzina

    Official Camp TV signups

    October 13, 2017 by Pierzina

    These are the official signups of the first season of the Camp TV series.

    • Owen, The Lovable Oaf - Bowen567
    • Duncan, The Delinquent - SpiritAnimal
    • Geoff, The Party Dude - The Flaming Sword of Fury
    • DJ, The Teddy Bear - TylerSurvivorFan
    • Trent, The Hopeless Romantic - CourtneyIsAQueen
    • Harold, The Know-It-All - Epic~00
    • Cody, The Tech Geek - XxSolarEclipsexX
    • Tyler, The Clumsy Jock - KidLego09
    • Justin, The Eye Candy - Pierzina
    • Noah, The Schemer - Berryleaf
    • Ezekiel, The Homeschooled Kid - TotalDramaNaruto

    • Gwen, The Goth Loner - Bowen567
    • Heather, The Queen Bee -  Pierzina
    • Leshawna, The Loud and Proud - SpiritAnimal
    • Lindsay, The Dumb Blonde - Berryleaf
    • Bridgette, The Soulful Surfer - KidLego09
    • Izzy, The Psychotic Beast - XxSolarEclipsexX
    • Courtney, The Uptight C.I.T - Epic~00
    • Sadie, …

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